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A Full-Service Staffing Partner: Contract to Hire and Direct Hire Placements

JARBO goes above and beyond to help our clients succeed. Hiring and retaining high-quality employees is a foundational aspect of any successful company. We’re here to make sure your company is building in the right direction with your people resources.

Companies looking for contract-to-hire or direct hire services, from entry-level employees to executive managers, can turn to us to meet their needs. Years of experience in talent acquisition and acquired industry expertise have put JARBO in a uniquely advantaged position to serve our clients. More than just a staffing agency, we are a talent acquisition partner.

What’s the difference? Let us show you.

Types of Hiring

There are many different ways to go about hiring. We like to keep it simple. These are the types of hiring we focus on to improve your business:

Direct-Hire Placement

What is direct-hire placement? Our direct-hire services help your company find the right candidate for a job opening. It’s as straightforward as it sounds. When we assist you with direct-hire, you benefit from our industry experience and robust candidate screening process. Once the hire is made, the employee is fully a part of your company.

Working with a staffing partner like JARBO for your direct-hire placements greatly reduces the time, energy and risk you have in the hiring process. Rather than casting the widest net possible and hoping for the best, you can rely on our recruiters to bring the best candidates to your doorstep.


JARBO’s contract-to-hire services offer substantial advantages to our clients. What is a contract-to-hire? A quick explainer: a candidate, who is employed by JARBO on a W-2 basis, works for a client during a pre-established “trial period,” after which the client has the opportunity to bring the candidate on as a full-time employee.

This extended period creates the opportunity for both the employer and employee to know for certain that the hire is a good fit. If it’s not, both parties are able to move on quickly, negating any major disruptions from business productivity. Contract-to-hire also reduces the client’s payroll expenses while increasing flexibility.

What JARBO Offers as a Full-Service Staff Partner

Hiring the right talent is only the beginning. That’s where regular contract-to-hire and direct-hire placement agencies might stop. But that’s not who we are.

We’re not here just to fill open positions. We’re here to be a long-term part of your company’s growth, with a focus on retention and long-term success. That’s we why are a full-service staffing partner, not just a recruitment agency. Our investment is much deeper than that.

Research shows that frequent turnover has a negative impact on workplace productivity. It’s easy to lose an office to a toxic environment. Our services are aimed at eliminating this pitfall for your company. We do this through our fine-tuned candidate recruitment process on the front-end and our full-service advantages after a hire is made.

When you work with JARBO to find excellent employees through contract-to-hire, we handle things like payroll, accounting, benefits and safety training. This allows you to focus solely on the quality of work from your new employee. Once you know it’s the right fit for, you can bring your contract-to-hire into a full-time position.

Additionally, our experience with our industry specialties puts us in the unique position to act as an objective consultant to your company before, during and after the hiring process is complete. If the position you are looking to fill is advertised with a salary slightly below current market value, we’ll let you know and put you in a better position to find a long-term solution. We’ll work with you on employee retention and help you build an efficient, competitive and prosperous operation.

Contract-to-hire and direct-hire placements are only the beginning of our relationship with our clients. Our services meet all of your needs in a way that few other agencies are capable of. We pride ourselves on this holistic approach. We’ve seen its proven value time and time again.

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With our industry experience, proven processes and long-term commitment, these services can propel your company into a better future.

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